Sunday, July 3, 2022

Indian Ladder Trail

John Boyd Thacher State Park
Albany Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Indian Ladder Trail (Unblazed)
Escarpment Trail: Red blaze
Long Path: Green blaze

Total Time: 0:45 hours
Estimated Distance: 1.1 miles

Pros: Scenic area with good views and interesting geology
Cons: Busy area
Hike Type: Loop
Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Google Maps of Parking:

I camped with my family in Thompson Lake Campground several years prior, and made a trip to Thacher State Park and did many of the hiking trails there, including the Indian Ladder. It was a really nice trip then, and I had reminisced and decided it was time for a trip back. With nice weather in store we decided to spend the day in the area. We went swimming in Thompson's Lake, spent time in the Nature Center, and then strolled around above the cliffs above the escarpment. We also hiked the Indian Ladder Trail and then returned via the Escarpment/Long Path Trails. I got to see the new visitor center they built, which was still under construction during our previous visitor.

The Indian Ladder Trail is about half a mile in length, and goes underneath the cliffs of the escarpment, with fabulous geology in cool rock formations and caves. The waterfall at Mine Lot Falls was totally dry. After exiting and climbing back up the steps, we took the combined Escarpment/Long Path Trail back to the visitor center where we parked. We had a nice barbecue on my portable grill after the hike for dinner before heading back home.

Map of the Route

Overlook with Albany in the Distance

Indian Ladder Trail Marker

Start of the Indian Ladder Trail

Closed Off Cave on the Cliff

Water Flowing from the Porous Rock

Underneath Mine Lot Falls

View from the Top at the Exit of the Indian Ladder Trail

View Above Dried Mine Lot Falls

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