Sunday, May 12, 2024

Fahnestock Park at Glynwood

Fahnestock State Park
Putnam Co.
New York

Hiking Trails:
Perkins Trail: Yellow blaze

Total Time: 1:40 hours
Estimated Distance: 3.5 Mile

Pros: Quiet, scenic area
Cons: Limited views, trail areas overgrown in meadows

Google Maps of Parking:

It had been raining pretty steady, but I noticed that northeast the rain line ended. I opted for Fahnestock which was at the end of the rain line and figured I'd stay dray. This was a good choice because although there was some rain, it was mostly light and not a problem with my raincoat. I went on the Perkins Trail as it crossed through Glynwood, an agricultural center for food and farming. The trail cuts through the farm area and is very scenic, although it is very overgrown in some areas and needs some better trail maintenance. 

I parked in the new parking area at the Big Woods Trailhead, and I took the Perkins Trail westbound through the farm area, and then through the meadows, which I found to be very overgrown. The trail got better as it went back into the wood. I was disappointed at the view - there wasn't much of a view here! I continued along the trail down towards the bend near where it comes close to Route 301, and tried to find the connector path to the road, but cut a bit too early and ended up doing a short bushwhack. I then turned around and went along the same route back.

Map of the Route

Trailhead Information Kiosk at the Big Woods Parking Trailhead

New Boardwalk at the Beginning of the Hike

Sign About Creek Overflow at the Beginning of the Hike

Farm Area as the Hubbard Trail Passes Through Glynwood

Large Rock at the Overlook Area

Hubbard Trail

Me at the View

Meadow Area

Glynwood Pond in the Distance

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