Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cobus Mountain

Harriman State Park,
Rockland County, New York

The weather has definitely been warming up. Less then a week ago had been a large snowstorm, and on this hike all the snow was totally gone and the temperature was in the upper 50's. Started out at the Kakiat parking area in Kakiat County Park, and took the Kakiat Trail (white) around the foot of the mountain and then up in the valley between Kakiat and Cobus Mountains. Just a few hundred feet after crossing the pipeline construction area, bushwacked north across the brook and up the mountain towards the summit of the lower Cobus Mountain. Once atop the summit headed north then west down the mountain to the valley by the power lines on the unmarked trail. From there headed onto the power line woods path towards the intersection of the Kakiat trail, and then descended the mountain back on the Kakiat trail. At the pipeline construction header down the pipeline path to the pumping station, and then past the pumping station towards the Mahwah River back into Kakiat Park. From there went southwest along the river on a short unmarked trail until the Old Mill Trail (Blue), and then took the Old Mill Trail back towards the parking lot.

On Kakiat Trail at foot of Mountain.
Heading North near Old Mill Trail.

View of Kakiat Mount Ascending Cobus Mountain.
Facing southwest.

Continuing rocky ascent to Cobus.
Summit in the distance.

At the rocky summit of Cobus

Facing south from top of Cobus.
Kakiat Mountain, Suffern, and Mahwah are in the distance.

View of Manhattan skyscrapers from the summit.
The tall building in the center is the Empire State
Building. Taking with 10x optical zoom.

Me on top of Cobus.


  1. Hershel.... I saw a rock the other day and i thought of you!, Shoolem.

  2. Hershel, do you ever send novices to north south mountain, i hear they have a great helicopter rescue team!!! foog

  3. Urrrrr, when are we going to Paterson? Ta

  4. Hershel,
    You look like a real cool dude. You married?

  5. To Riuka: If Hershel is single I get dibbs.