Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nordkop Mountain

Harriman State Park
Rockland County,
New York

Total Time: 1:00 Hour
Total Distance: 1.5 Miles

Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail (SBM): Yellow Blaze
Woods Road: Unmarked

This a a short hike with a good climb and excellent views. The hike starts in Suffern on Route 59 right after the Thruway underpass. I once parked in the Parking lot under the overpass and got a ticket, becuase I didnt have a parking permit. So this time to avoid getting a ticket, I parked near downtown Suffern on Chestnut St. right before Route 202, and walked along 202 to Route 59, and went under the long underpass. The trail starts on the right about 200 feet after the underpass. This is the southern terminus of the SBM Trail. It's a long trail - it goes all the way to Bear Mountain, 25 miles later.

Started the climb on the SBM, and encountered a pack of wild turkeys on the way up. They ran away from me although from what I hear they are not afraid of people and can attack and be a nuisance. Continued up to the summit viewpoint, where there is a sweeping view of downtown Suffern, Mahwah, Hillburn, and the skyscrapers of Manhattan in the far off distance. Once at the top, took the woods road down to Hemlock Rd/Pavilion Lane, which took me back to Rt. 202, where I once again crossed under the Thruway and took the sidewalk back to my car on Chestnut St.

Map of the Route

Route 59 underpass of the Thruway,
where 87 and 287 come together.
This is an enormous highway underpass.

The beginning of the SBM Trail,
right outside of Suffern

The Turkeys I encountered while Ascending

Rock Face Scramble on the way up

Facing south at the I-87 and I-287
Highway Interchange with Sheraton Crossroads.

View from the lookout.
Facing west towards Hillburn.

View of Suffern from the summit viewpoint.

Zoomed out with Suffern/Mahwah Panorama.
Sheraton Crossroads is in right edge.

Zoomed in to the Manhattan skyline in the haze.

View of eastern portion of Suffern
with Good Samaritan Hospital on the left hand side.


  1. Just did this trail yesterday with a slight variation. Strenous getting to the first clearing, but a great walk through rolling terrain, in and out of clearings.

  2. having trouble find parking at the southern end of SBM. Dont know if the Ireland bar would let us park 2 cars for a fee

  3. I once parked under the tracks at the commuter lot and got a parking ticket. I now park on Chestnut St. in Suffern right off Route 202. Its a bit of a walk but not a big deal.

  4. Yeah, I read that in your blog. Is it easy to find a couple of street parking on Chestnut at 9pm on a Saturday?

  5. Yes, if I remember correctly there is a two hour parking limit which is free, and that should give you enough time.

  6. shoot, I meant for 9am and we are gonna be gone for the whole day.

    gonna do the SBM then head north to finish at Reeves Meadow Visitor Center