Sunday, March 21, 2010

Limekiln Mountain

Harriman State Park
Rockland County,
New York

Total Time:
1:00 Hour
Total Distance: 1.75 Miles

Tuxedo-Mount Ivy (TMI): Red Blaze
Limekiln Mountain: Unmarked

The weather has really been warming up, and I have traditionally done this same hike around this time of year the past several years. Its a short and quick hike with a good climb and a good view. And its really close to home. So overall its a great hike when I am short on time. I started on the parking lot on Diltzes Rd, and took the TMI trail along the Gas Line. After the trail veers away from the powerline and into the mountain, it meets the unmarked Limekiln Mountain Trail as soon as you enter the woods. Made a right turn onto the Limekiln Mountain Trail and climbed the trail until the summit viewpoint. Then went down the mountain the same way about halfway down, and then veered right off the trail, bushwacking to the stream and the TMI trail (I did this so I can take a slightly different route back). Once I hit the power lines back took that instead of the gas line back to the parking area. (The gas line and power line run parallel to each other about 75 feet apart, with dense brush in between.)

Map of the Route

View at summit view with famous Rock.
Facing southeast - Camp Ramaquois Lake.

View from summit facing south.
Route 202 Swamp and Power lines.

View from summit view facing east
towards Haverstraw, the Hudson River,
and Hi-Tor mountain to the right.

View from Summit view facing east.
Bottom part of Cheescoate Mountain
is in close range.
Further range is the Palisades.

Power Lines and Gas Line near trailhead

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