Sunday, January 2, 2011

Doodletown Ghost Town

Bear Mountain State Park
Rockland County,
New York


Cornell Mine Trail: Blue blaze
1777 E Trail: Red blaze
Doodletown Road (unmarked)
Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail: Yellow Blaze
Doodletown Bridle Path (unmarked)

Total Time: 1:45 min
Estimated Distance: 3.3 Miles

The temperature was above freezing and the snow had been melting. It had rained in the morning and the melting snow had given a strong fog which made visibility very poor. I figured this was a good circumstance to visit the famous ghost town of Doodletown. I had not been to Doodletown in over 3 years, so this seemed like the perfect day. Plenty of wet snow around, and an eerie fog to complement this ghost town of abandoned foundations.

I parked the car on Route 9W right near the entrance to Iona Island. Took the Cornell Mine Trail along the side of the brook, past the waterfall which the locals used to call "The 10 Footer", and then veered off towards the 1777E Trail and Doodletown Road. Continued along Doodletown Road walking past the abandoned foundations and their placards, and then went off to the Suffern Bear Mountain Trail and then along the Doodletown Bride Path heading back. Went through some more Doodletown Historical Sites, and zigzagged back to Doodletown road and back to Route 9W.

Map of the Route

Dam along the brook on the Cornell Trail
Cornell Trail in the snow and fog.
The "10 Footer" Waterfall.
Hard to capture the prettiness with the monotone colors.
The main fall of the "10 footer"
Foundation in Doodletown with placard.
Doodletown Reservoir
Another view of the Doodletown Reservoir
The Montville Schoolhouse site.
This was one of the last structures of Doodletown to be demolished.
Sign explaining the Doodletown historical sites
by Doodletown Road and the Suffern-Bear Mnt Trail


  1. I live fairly close to here. I think I'll take a hike out there this summer. Nice pictures. Very Eerie with the Fog.

  2. I grew up in Bear Mountain Park when Doodletown was still "alive." Thanks someone for posting these pictures.

  3. I find it pretty disgusting that NY state can get away with using criminal tactics,and also waste the taxpayers money to steal the property of American citizens whose families have lived there for over 200 years,for a ski area which in the end was never even built. Bring charges against those involved.

    1. ^^^^ Dude, do you realize that the last of the Doodletown property was acquired by the state nearly 50 years ago? I think the statue of limitations has probably passed now, but what do I know?