Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lake Skanatati & Lake Askoti

Harriman State Park
Orange County,
New York


Long Path: Green blaze
Dunning Trail: Yellow blaze
Arden-Surebridge (A-SB) Trail: Red blaze
Red Cross Trail: Red blaze

Total Time:
2:30 min
Estimated Distance: 3.7 Miles

Hiking Partner:

Sruli Rosenberg

This was our first frozen lake hike of the season. The last time I went with Sruli was last winter in the snow. We parked at the parking area on Lake Skanatati off 7 Lakes Drive and were delighted to see all the ice fisherman and sleds on the lake. We hiked on top of the frozen lake across its width to its inlet stream, and from there bushwacked to the Long Path, which we took all the way to the Dunning Trail.

From the Dunning Trail, I decided to try to hike on top of the frozen Pine Swamp, which is one of the largest in Harriman. The first part going over the swamp was fine, but then we would continuously fall in to tremendously large holes over the swamp to point where we had to turn back to the shore. From there we decided to explore the big hole of the Pine Swamp Mine, which looks very impressive in the winter with its large dangling icicles over its big hole. This is one of the best exploration mines in Harriman.

From there continued on the A-SB Trail back towards the summit view of Pine Swamp Mountain, and then took a break at the view snapping a bunch of pictures. From there went back on the Red Cross Trail north down the mountain to the road. We crossed the street and then headed into Lake Askoti and hiked on top of the frozen lake while going across the lake's small islands. From there we headed back to the parking area.

Map of the route.
I've been waiting for a long time to make the route
path go right in the middle of the lake!
Sign at the entrance of the lake.

The crowds on the frozen lake.
Sruli Rosenberg on the left.
Me on frozen Lake Skanatati
Me on the rock peninsula in middle of the lake.

Lake Skanatati from the other end looking towards the parking area.
Me on top of the frozen Pine Swamp.
The Pine Swamp Mine taken from the swamp.
This is a perspective of the mine you will never see elsewhere!
Sruli at the entrance to the Pine Swamp Mine
Overexposed photo of the tunnel inside the mine.
Lake Skanatati and Lake Kanawauke from atop Pine Swamp Mnt.
Zoomed out.
Ditto. Our footsteps are the ones going right through
the middle of the lake.
Walking along Lake Askoti

Me on the island at Lake Askoti

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