Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hawk Rock
Ramapo Reservation

Bergen County,
New Jersey

Halifax Trail: Green Blaze
Silver Trail: Silver Blaze

Total Time: 0:50 hr
Estimated Distance: 1.85 Miles

My time was limited so I needed to do a short hike. Since all the trees had just bloomed, ideally I wanted a short hike with a good view, so this was a perfect option. Ramapo Reservation has many different trails and options, though it is usually very busy and full of people. The deeper in you go the less people there are, though the mountains and terrain are a lot less dramatic then Harriman further north.

I parked in the large and busy parking lot, crossed the Ramapo River on the bridge, and took the path that skirts the east and north sides of Scarlet Oak Pond. Then took the Halifax Trail up the mountain up to Hawk Rock, which is about 15 minutes up from Scarlet Oak Pond, and offers a great view east and south. It faces directly towards Ramapo College with a great view of the campus. From Hawk Rock turned around and went back down the Halifax Trail, and went the other way along the Silver Trail which goes along the southern shore of Scarlet Oak Pond, and then back to my car.

Map of the Route
Scarlet Oak Pond, near the beginning of the hike. Facing northwest.
Hawk Rock is the mountain on the right behind the Pond.
Scarlet Oak Pond, facing southwest.
Scarlet Oak Pond, facing northwest, zoomed.
On top of Hawk Rock. Facing east towards Ramapo College campus.
Atop Hawk Rock, facing south,
with Scarlet Oak Pond in view.
Scarlet Oak Pond near the end of the hike.
Facing northwest, with a beautiful swan on the right.

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