Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iona Island

Bear Mountain State Park,
Rockland County,
New York

Total Time:
1:30 hr
Estimated Distance: 3.4 miles

Iona Island is a marshly island in the Hudson River directly north of Dunderberg Mountain and south of Bear Mountain. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains and river views, and is a well-known bird sanctuary and is a very famous spot for bird-watchers who come especially to view the Bald Eagles. Besides for the marshy areas there are some rocky promenades rising high up above the water.

I parked on Route 9w right before Iona Island Road, and walked along Iona Island Road through the marshy area to the rocky area. There had been a lot of rain and the weather continued being wet and stormy, and the road was very flooded. I climbed up the rocky part, where there are some beautiful cactus groves growing, and continued along this ridge all the way towards the end of the island at the railroad. I walked along the railroad cut both ways exploring the interesting geology, and then continued south along the side of the tracks until about halfway across the causeway along towards Dunderberg Mountain. I wanted to explore the rest of the island, but the portion of the island of the other side of the railroad is off-limits. I then turned around, tried viewing some of the bird spots, and then headed back along Iona Island Rd. and back to the car.

Map of the Route
Iona Island from the Route 9w Parking Area.
Sign at Entrance to Iona Island
Marsh on Iona Island. Facing south with
Dunderberg Mountain in the fog.
Another view facing south with Dunderberg
Cactus on Rocky Promenade on Iona Island
View of Iona Island Road flooded.
Railroad Tracks Facing North
Towards the Bear Mountain Bridge.
The railroad cut from Above.
View from Iona Island main viewing area.
Facing west.
Informative about Sterling Forest

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