Sunday, August 1, 2021

Breakneck Ridge Cornish Estate Loop

Hudson Highlands State Park,
Dutchess / Putnam Counties,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Breakneck Ridge Trail: White blaze
Notch Trail: Blue blaze
Brook Trail: Red blaze

Total Time: 3:25 hour
Estimated Distance: 4.5 Miles 

Pros: Great climb, scenic views throughout
Cons: Very busy with lots of people
Hike Type: Loop
Level of Difficulty: Very Difficult

Hiking Partner:
Joseph Friedman
Elisha Friedman

Map of Route:

Breakneck Ridge is one of the most popular hikes in the region, featuring a steep scramble with great views up a 1200+ foot climb. The weather had been unseasonably cool and not humid, making this an idea time for this very tough hike. We parked on Route 9D after the tunnel, and the roadside parking was really filling up. We took the Breakneck Trail up steeply to the view with the flagpole, and I noticed a new trail was constructed here. It's called the Nimham Trail and is a short trail that goes from this part of Breakneck back down to the Wilkinson Memorial Trail. 

We continued up the mountain to the summit, and then took the Notch Trail down, past the Cornish Estate, which contains many abandoned structures from this old estate in the valley between Breakneck Ridge and Bull Hill. We then took the Brook Trail down to Route 9D, which we took north through the tunnel and back to our car.

Map of the Route

Information and Volunteers at the Beginning of the Hike

Informational Panel at the Beginning

First View Over the Hudson River at Breakneck

Warning Sign at the Beginning of Breakneck

Me on the Steep Climb

Storm King Mountain Across the River While Ascending

Sailboat in the Hudson River

View Northwest Towards Newburgh Bay

View of Pollopel Island and Newburgh

Freight Train on the Other Side of the River

View Facing North

Storm King Mountain

Me Overlooking Storm

Overlooking the Hudson

Flags at Breakneck

View Facing South

Sign at New Trail Intersection

Me at Breakneck

Bull Hill and the Hudson Facing South

Newburgh Bay from Breackneck

Storm King Mountain

Large Freight Train at Storm King

Criscrossing Trains at Storm King

Trains in Both Directions

Me with Large Barge in the Hudson

Pollopel Island

View Near the Breakneck Summit

View to the Southeast

Train Intersection Sign

Hudson in the Distance with Train

Newburgh and the Newburgh Beacon Bridge

City of Newburgh

Beacon Mountain to the North

Cornish Estate Ruins

Cornish Estate

Cornish Estate

Cornish Estate

Waterfalls near the End of the Hike

Pumphouse Ruins

Pumphouse Ruins Plaque

Tunnel on Route 9D

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