Tuesday, August 10, 2021

RBBN Hike Ramapo Valley Reservation

Ramapo County Reservation
Bergen Co.,
New Jersey

Hiking Trails:
River Trail: Orange/Green blaze
Vista Loop Trail: Yellow blaze
Ridge Loop Trail: Blue blaze

Total Time: 1:40
Estimated Distance: 2.7 miles

Pros: Scenic lakes and good views
Cons: Area is very busy
Hike Type: Loop
Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Map of Route:

Hiking Partners:
RBBN Member Hiking Partners

The RBBN (Rockland Business Breakfast Network) offers various business networking events. This event featured a hike which I was elected to lead together with Shimon Rosenberg. With my office only a five minute drive from Ramapo Valley Reservation, this was an easy hike to get to right after work. 

The weather was hot and muggy, with thunderstorms predicted for the late afternoon. There were puffy clouds throughout the are, and I checked the radar and there were thunderstorms nearby. In fact we saw lighting and heard thunder in the distance, but the weather stayed dry for us for the duration of the hike.

We parked at the main parking lot for Ramapo Valley Reservation, and crossed the Ramapo River bridge and then took the River Trail. We walked along the Mahwah River and then crossed the brook at the Vista Loop Trail, passing along the most dry waterfall along the way. We continued along the Vista Loop Trail to the MacMillan Reservoir, where we took a break and did our business introductions. 

We then crossed the dam, which was dry, and continued along the Vista Loop Trail up the mountain to the view. We then descended along the Ridge Loop Trail, and then took the trail parallel to the Vista Loop Trail down to the Vista Loop Trail alongside the Scarlet Oak Reservoir, which we took back to our car.

Map of the Route

At the Trailhead

Coyote and Rattlesnake Sign at the Trailhead

Scarlet Oak Reservoir

Our Networking Group at Scarlet Oak Reservoir

Crossing the Brook

Shimon Rosenberg, Hike Cohost

Waterfall (Mostly Dry)

Hiking along the Vista Loop

MacMillan Reservoir

Me at MacMillan Reservoir

Our Group at the MacMillan Reservoir

MacMillan Reservoir Dam

Large Rockface Above the MacMillan Reservoir

Climbing Up to the View

At the Mountaintop View

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