Sunday, November 29, 2009

West Mountain
(Southern Portion)

Harriman State Park,
Rockland County,
New York

Ski Trail
Ramapo Dunderberg (RD) Trail: Red Blaze
Suffern-Bear Mountain (SBM) Trail: Yellow Blaze
Appalachian Trail (AT): White Blaze
Timp-Torne (TT) Trail: Blue Blaze
Beechy Bottom Road (an old road trail)

Hiking Partner:
Shimmy Rosenberg

Total Distance: 2.5 Miles
Total Time: 1.5 Hours

Started at the lower end of the parking area at Anthony Wayne off the Palisades. Went south
along the ski/biking trail until the intersection of the RD Trail. Took the RD west up the
mountain, and passed along an old Graphite Mine on the way up. Continued up a good scramble
towards the intersection of the SBM Trail. At the intersection is an excellent view of the
Hudson River, Havertstraw, Hi-Tor, and Jackie Jones. It is an incredible view.

Continued along the SBM north to the interestion of the TT Trail, and made a left on this
short stretch to the intersection of the AT. There is another excellent view here facing the
Palisades Pkwy and Anthony Wayne. Took the AT down the mountain until Beechy Bottom Road, went north along Beechy Bottom Road for a little bit, then veered left and bushwacked down the
ravine and across the brook back to the car.

Map of the Route

 Marker at intersection of Ski Trail and AT

The Graphite Mine.
Note Shimmy on the tailings.

Shimmy climbing the scramble.

Me at the first lookout

 Looking West from the first lookout,
with Shimmy posing.

Facing South from the first lookout
- Pyngyp Mountain and Hi-Tor in the Distance.
Looking southeast from first Looking
Hudson River and Haverstraw Bay

Shimmy facing south
Me at the lookout.

In the area on the SBM Trail which was
devastated by a Forest Fire several years ago.

The West Mountain lookout.
Intersection of T-T and AT trails.
Facing West.

Sign at the intersection and campers.

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