Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long Path near Rockhouse Mountain

Harriman State Park,
Rockland and Orange Counties,
New York

Estimated Length: 3 Miles
Estimated Time: 1:15 Hours

I took a quick morning hike before coming into work - trying to get in as much as I can before the end of the summer. My goal was to do a hike that is short and not strenuous. I parked at the parking area at Lake Skanatati off 7 Lakes Drive, and took some good photos of both Lake Skanatati and Lake Askoti (I wish I had my good camera which I had sent in to be repaired). Took the Long Path south up and past Gate Hill Road, and then to Beech Trail. Turned east on the Beech Trail to Gate Hill Road, and walked back towards the Long Path along the side of the road.

I had always wondered what the "Rock House" was on the map, so went off the road to a short unmarked path off the road near the location on the Trail Conference Map describing the location of the "Rock House". It seems that it is a large rock face along the edge of a cliff with a cave-like hole in it. I took some photos and continued back to the Long Path and back to the car.

Map of the route.

Lake Skanatati. At the trailhead.

Lake Askoti.
Taken from cell phone camera.
Imagine this shot from a real camera!

The Long Path.

Beginning of the Beech Trail at the Long Path.

The "Rock House".

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