Sunday, August 23, 2009

Storm King Mountain

Storm King State Park,
Orange County,
New Y

Estimated Length: 3 Miles
Estimated Time: 2.5 Hours

Hiking Partners:
Shimmy Rosenberg

I haven't been to Storm King in a long time and had forgotten what a great mountain this is. It offers continuous views throughout the hike and is one of the best hike's in the area when it comes to view points. I had intented upon taken a longer route but Shimmy had hurt his foot the prior week and in the middle of the hike needed to bail out early due to his foot pain which was rekindled.

We started at the parking area on Rt. 9W and took the yellow-blazed Stillman Trail up to the rocky summit of Butter Hill. This is a short but steep climb. Atop Butter Hill, which is actually the true summit of Storm King Mountain at 1380 feet, there is a great view looking back at 9W, and across The Clove to the Crow's Nest. Continuing along the trail you can also see views west to Schunemunk Mountain and the small towns of Orange County. The weather was rainy so the views were a bit obscured, but it did clear up in the middle of the hike. We veered off the Stillman Trail to the Bluebird Trail, and took the Bluebird trail partially down the mountain and back again to the Stillman Trail, where we ascending back up on the northern side of the mountain. This part of the trail affords great views of Newburgh and the Newburgh Bay on the Hudson River directly below the mountain.

The Stillman trail bears south at the edge of the mountain, and then hits this unbelievable view which overlooks the south and the east. Directly across the river is Bull Hill (Mt. Taurus) and to the south is the Crow's Nest. From the view took the Bypass Trail back straight toward the parking area.

Map of the route

Once again I only had my phone camera so photo quality is poor.

Butter Hill from the trailhead.

Another view of Butter Hill while ascending

Looking down to Route 9W while climbing
Butter Hill.

View from Butter Hill facing south
towards the Crow's Nest.

View west towards Highlands.
Storm King Mountain is covered in clouds.

Shimmy on a boardwalk along a narrow
part of the Stillman Trail

Looking north toward Newburgh Bay
on the Hudson from the Stillman Trail

Newburgh Bay with Pollopel Island.
Looking North.

Facing south towards Cold Spring across the Hudson.

Breakneck Ridge across the river.
Facing east.

Bull Hill (Mt. Taurus) across the Hudson.
Facing east.

On the Bypass Trail heading back towards
parking area. Butter Hill is up ahead.

Signs at the parking area off Rt. 9W.

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