Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sherwood Path - Pine Meadow Lake

Harriman State Park,
Rockland County,
New York

Total Time: About 3 Hours
Total Distance: About 5 Miles

Took this hike on an absolutely gorgrous late summer day. It's still a shame I did't have my good camera as the pictures of Pine Meadow Lake would have been so much better with a real camera then with my phone camera. I parked my car on the corner of Route 202 and Wilder Road in Wesley Hills, and walked a few Hundred feet south on Route 202, and cut into bushes to the Sherwood Path. Took the Sherwood Path up the mountain (in between Horse Stable Mountain and Catamount Mountain), to the intersection with the Suffern Bear Mountain (SBM) Trail. Went into the "Stone Memorial" Shelter at the intersection, and then continued along the Sherwood Path until the Pine Meadow (PM) Trail. Turned onto the PM towards Pine Meadow Lake, and at the lake snapped some photos and took the Conklins Crossing Trail back to the SBM Trail. At the SBM headed north towards the "Egg", which is a large rounded rock with nice views on top of Horse Stable Mountain and the Hudson Valley. Then headed towars the Sherwood Path back down the same way.

Map of the route

Abandoned cars on the Sherwood Path

Shelter at SBM Trail and Sherwood Path

Sign at Pine Meadow Trail
and Sherwood Path

Pine Meadow Lake near eastern end

Pine Meadow Lake

View from the "Egg".
Looking east towards Horse Stable Mnt.

The "Egg" on the SBM Trail.


  1. i parked by 996 haverstraw rd and walked in but couldnt get across the river until way north. still south of the EQ center though. wdid you go across a wooden bridge?

    1. There is an old road that used to go there and have a bridge across the Mahwah River. The road is overgrown and the bridge is gone, but you can still trace it, and that's where I usually cross. The water level is pretty high now, so crossing may be a bit difficult and that's why you couldn't find a good crossing spot.