Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pine Meadow Lake

Sherwood Path Approach
Harriman State Park/
Kakiat Park
Rockland County,
New York

Total Time: 2:30 hours
Total Distance: 5.5 miles

Hiking Partner:
Yehuda Koblick

Sherwood Path: Unblazed
Pine Meadow Trail: Red Blaze
Conklins Crossing Trail: White Blaze
Suffern-Bear Mountain (SBM) Trail: Yellow Blaze
Kakiat Trail: White Blaze

Yehuda and I had missed our regular Sunday hike due to inclement weather (the national weather service posted a severe thunderstorm watch as well as a tornado watch, which was enough to scare us off from going hiking). So we needed to make up the date and take off a little bit of time during the week. We took two cars: one we left at the Kakiat parking lot, and then we shuttled down Route 202 to Wilder Road and parked there at the corner where there is a little pull-off. Walked along south on Route 202 for a little bit, then cut across and bushwacked down to the Mahwah River, and crossed it to meet up with the Sherwood Path. Continued up the Sherwood Path, took the shortcut switchback which avoids the abandoned and trashed cars along the trail, and continued up the back of Horse Chock Mountain. At this point we were worthy of seeing a large black bear in the distance, and unfortunately by the time we got the camera out our furry friend was gone. Continued up the Sherwood Path to the intersection of the SBM Trail, where we took a short picture break at the shelter.

Continued along the Sherwood Path up till the Pine Meadow Trail, and went west toward Pine Meadow Lake. We met this beautiful lake at its eastern portion, and then took the Conklins Crossing Trail east back to the SBM Trail. From there took the SBM south, up Cobus Mountain, and then down to the Kakiat Trail, which we took down the mountain through Kakiat Park and back to our car.

Map of the route

Me atop the Shelter roof, at the SBM

On the shelter roof

On the phone at the lakeshore

Pine Meadow Lake. What a great day!

View from Cobus Mountain Summit
with Manhattan Skyline in distance.

Yehuda on top of Cobus


  1. You shouldn't of been climbing on the shelter roof. It's illegal and you could of hurt yourself or damaged the roof. And now you are providing photographic evidence of your transgression. Please be more considerate next time.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I will leave this comment for all to see and take note of this.